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MultiPurpose Info about Munnurukapu Community

Subcaste - Munnurukapu

According to Chilukuri Veerabhadra Rao ‘there are fourteen farming castes as mentioned by Bhattumurthy, a poet Narwiti Bukkarayulu, who was the Mandaladishwara under Saluva Narasimha Rayalu. They are: (1) Motati, (2) Pakanati, (3) Gudati, (4) Velanti, (5) Morasu, (6) Panta, (7) Chattapu, (8) Bhomachi, (9) Kunjeti, (10) Munneti, (11) Ayodya, (12) Neerada, (13) Gandikota, (14) Oruganti from this it is known the munneti or Munnuru Kapus basically a farming community.

Regarding the origin of Munnurukapu community different opinions have been expressed. In Telugu speaking areas due to the multiplicity of Kingdoms sub-names of places come into existence depending on those kingdoms, viz., Palanadu, Kammanadu, Munnurunadu, Pantanadu, Penadu, Pallenadu, Venginadu, Motatinadu, Valandu and probably Kapu names were originated from these Kingdoms. That is why Pakaneti kapu, Kommonati kapu, Munneti kapu, Gona Kapu, Ranati kapu and other groups were formed. Just as Niyagis, who are six thousand in number named as ‘Aruvela Niyogi’s’ Kapus who were given the name Munnuru kapus.

Agriculture is said to be the original occupation of the caste and bulk of them still cling to this. A few are village patels and patwaris and have risen to a higher status of landlords and zamindars, but the majority is ordinary cultivators, holding lands on permanent tenure. Some of them are landless day-labourers and are employed as menial servants in rich families.